Greek Life at Michigan State

What does it mean to be Greek?

“Leaders of the MSU community, who as a self-sustaining society, embrace scholarship, fellowship and service.”


Greek life at MSU was founded on the principles of academic and social success. As members of the Greek community, the first priority as an MSU student is their academic achievements. We take great pride in our members’ scholarship efforts, as Greek students have an overall higher GPA than non-Greeks. Each individual chapter sets their own standard and holds their members accountable through the installation of programs that include study hours, incentives for outstanding academic achievement, and rewards through various scholarships.


Members of the Greek Community are exposed to an endless amount of leadership opportunities, both within their chapter as well as on campus. Each active member contributes towards the betterment of their organization, as the success of their chapter depends on the abilities of its members to govern efficiently. From holding Presidency to filling the position of Philanthropy chair, each title provides large contributions to the Greek community as a whole, as well as the invaluable experience that is applicable to student’s future in the workforce.


Service on campus provides students the benefit of experiencing all that giving back to the community has to offer. Members of the Greek community willingly donate hours of their time and thousands of dollars annually, as each chapter organizes their own philanthropy on the local and national level, as well as by participating in Greek Week. Greek Week is the largest student-run service event at MSU that works to raise over $200,000 each spring.


Each chapter works to maintain active alumni relations that provide a great advantage to graduating students’ career networking. Active members observe the meaning of “lifelong membership” through their former brothers’ and sisters’ continued support, as many take positions as chapter advisors or as members of their chapter’s house corporation board.